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New Image Marketing Group is a social media boca raton marketing company that will create and optimize over 6 different social media platforms.  Using platforms such as Google +, Facebook , Twitter and using them in a way to increase traffic can be difficult.  New image marketing group has successfully used these platforms with current clients to increase traffic for them. Social Media isn’t just about likes, dislikes and seeing what someone has eating for  lunch or dinner. 

Boca Raton Social Media marketing can be a powerful tool to bring a business to life online. With constant content releases and content sharing, your business will find its way to new potential business.We achieve all of this by writing 500 plus word blogs based on current events and topics related to the industry.  These will be released weekly on the accounts created for your Social Media Campaign. Each like/tweet, repost, comment etc. are actual links that build every month from the social sites, pointing to your keyword rich blog, bringing more attention and traffic to your website.


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Google plus –  There is a lot of hype around the links built from Google plus content posted.

Facebook – Facebook dominates the social network platforms with over 1 billion users.  We will link trending video and blog content to help improve an SEO your doing.  This posted content will help bring in new business.

Twitter– A twitter post is limited to 140 characters and uses hashtags as their main search tool.  New image marketing group will get your content viewed, retweeted, Favorited etc., which also plays a vital role in SEO.


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Pinterest – Pinterest is a photo sharing site and is becoming a main player in what it provides for SEO.  New image marketing group shares photos which results in a pin from a potential client.  This pin will create momentum in your content and help drive traffic to your website.

LinkedIn– LinkedIn has a very unique spot in the social media market, and no other one can compare in terms of reach and specialty.  New image marketing group will use this platform to your advantage, boosting SEO rankings.

YouTube–  YouTube has become one of the most powerful social media platforms in the world.  Videos are a very good way to make your business come alive online.  New image marketing group will take videos of your business and post to this platform driving new business to your website.

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