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In 2019 it is estimated that over 2 billion people will be some form of a social media user as stated in an article by Statista. With this amount of users, every business should be doing some form of social media marketing.

What is social Media Marketing?
Social media marketing to us means Sharing content or information to the public in order to gain traffic and awareness to the brand. Social Media Marketing is more than just posting an article every week, it is posting images, updates, liking, re-posting, etc. Taking these actions on social media platforms will drive audience engagement and gain your business a following.

Before starting any campaign , always come up with a game plan first, thing about business goals and who you are targeting. Going in blind with no plan is like driving a car for the first time, just not as fun.

How exactly will social media marketing help your business?
These are some steps to show you how
• Your website will see an increase in traffic.
• You audience will be more targeted so conversions will be higher.
• Your brand is getting exposure.
• Integration with your target audience and creating a positive association to your brand
• Rankings on search engines will improve because of content being released.

With the right marketing company, these steps should be no problem. New Image Marketing Group can
How can Social Media help SEO?
Consistency and quality means a lot when it comes to ranking better on search engines. Yes, social media can help improve any SEO campaign, but the content needs to be relevant consistent, current and of course quality.

What are the best platforms for marketing?
Below are a few platforms that can be used as marketing tools to improve any marketing campaign.
• Facebook
• Google plus
• Twitter
• Lincoln
• Foursquare
• YouTube

Are you struggling with getting a social media campaign started successfully. Contact a Boca Raton marketing company to help you achieve this marketing goal.

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